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Ethoxylation and Polymerization of Cardanol Derived Bifunctional Monomers

James E. Mgaya



Cardanol and its derivative; 3-(non-8-enyl)phenol (obtained by ethenolysis reaction of cardanol) were ethoxylated via one-pot reaction with urea and ethylene glycol using Na2CO3/ZnO as co-catalysts. The ethoxylates were later methoxycarbonylated using a 1,2-bis(ditertbutylphosphinomethyl)benzene (DTBPMB) modified palladium catalyst to produce ethoxylated bifunctional monomers. Polymerization of these monomers by heating in the presence of a standard polymerization catalyst, Ti(OBu)4, formed oligomers that were plastic-like. Analysis of these oligomers by MALDI-TOF MS indicated the condensation of up to nine monomer units.



cardanol, ethenolysis, ethoxylation, methoxycarbonylation, ethoxylated bifunctional monomers

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